South Africa, Azania Will Be FreePrimary Artist: Steven Oscharoff, Judy Statsinger

Created: Los Angeles Collective, 1985

Medium: Silkscreen poster and t-shirts (offset printed cards, and stickers)

Dimensions: 19.5″ x 23″


During the 1980s one of the strongest protest movements outside South Africa calling for the dismantling of apartheid was in the United States. As part of that movement, people protested at university campuses and corporations across the country, demanding that the Universities divest of their investments in South Africa. This poster was circulated throughout the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas. Fireworks members would attend demonstrations with portable silkscreen equipment and print this image on t-shirts and any piece of clothing people gave us.


Image: Faces of three South African Protesters.

Words: South Africa, Azania Will be Free

Color: black, orange on yellow paper

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