International Women's Day 1983Primary Artist: Terry Forman

Created: San Francisco Collective, 1983

Medium: Offset printed

Dimensions: 15.25″ x 22.5″

Although International Women’s Day, now celebrated on March 8th, has become a worldwide corporate phenomenon, it was originally a day celebrated by radical women to demand freedom and equality—not only for ourselves but for everyone. The date honors the scores of women who were killed in the New York Triangle Shirtwaist Factory of 1911.

In 1983, Women Against Imperialism decided to focus on women resisters, both inside and outside of prison. By gathering at the Naval Weapons Station, the demonstration would also be a protest against the ongoing wars in Central America, as it was an export point for weapons going to El Salvador.

Image: Woman freedom fighter with a gun with four boxes on the right side with drawings. Top, drawing of New Afrika demonstration.  A man chanting on the left and a woman on the right with her fist raised; second from top, Carmen Valentin, Puerto Rican Prisoner of War and her son; Third from top, Two women Palestinian Freedom Fighters sitting, holding guns; Bottom, Women demonstrating at International Women’s Day in San Francisco 1982

Words: Demonstrate International Women’s Day, 1983. In Solidarity with all Freedom Fighters and Prisoners of War.

Color: tan, brown and black ink on white paper

Event: March 12, 1983 rally, Port Chicago Naval Weapons Station

Sponsors: New Movement in Solidarity with the Puerto Rican and Mexican Revolutions; Women Against Imperialism; Prairie Fire Organizing Committee


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