Plan 2020 Means Genocide for Puerto RicoPrimary Artist: Terry Forman

Created: San Francisco Collective, 1983

Medium: Offset Printed

Dimensions: 11″ x 17″ and 17 x 24″

The 2020 Plan was first published in 1982 by the Puerto Rican Department of Commence in conjunction with the Reagan’s Economic Adjustment Plan for Vieques and Puerto Rico. Year 2020 was the projected completion date. The plan called for the creation of 11 military/industrial zones around the perimeter of the island, accompanied by massive strip mining of the interior, and drilling for oil along the coast. By fully exploiting the copper, nickel, and oil and other strategic resources in its colony, the US hoped to offset its losses of these strategic resources in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East where National Liberation anti-colonial uprisings were taking place.

Under this plan large segments of the population around the strip-mining areas would have been displaced with the mines contaminating and destroying the ecosystems in the center of the island, converting the area into an industrial wasteland. Although much of the actual plan was abandoned due to massive opposition, its essential vision continues to be used. Puerto Ricans have been battered by hurricanes and imperial attacks and half the population lives outside Puerto Rico, but the people persevere.


Image: Outline of the island of Puerto Rico with an image of a factory spewing pollution.    US Navy ship and US planes and helicopters in the background.

Words: 2020 Plan Means Genocide for Puerto Rico! Independence and Socialism for Puerto Rico! Today 67% of the island of Puerto Rico is owned by US corporate and military interests. By the year 2020, it will be a Puerto Rico without Puerto Ricans.

Color: black, blue on white paper

Event: Demonstrations: August 1, in San Francisco, CA and Los Angeles, CA.

Sponsors: Movimiento de Liberación Nacional (MLN), Comité de California Contra La Represión, National Committee to Free Puerto Rican Prisoners of War, New Movement in Solidarity with Puerto Rican and Mexican Revolutions.

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