Don Juan Antonio CorretjerPrimary Artist: Terry Forman

Created: San Francisco Collective under the name Graficas Guazabara, 1985

Medium: Silkscreen

Dimensions: 20″ x 26.5″

A memorial poster for Don Juan Antonio Corretjer, produced at the time of his death. A Puerto Rican revolutionary and independentista, Don Juan fought against US colonial rule and occupation. He was a leader of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party and served as its secretary general. He participated in the “Nationalist Party Revolts” of the 1950s which called for independence for Puerto Rico and the end of the so-called “Free Associated State,” a designation widely recognized as a colonial farce.

In 1962, along with his wife Consuelo Lee Corretjer, Don Juan founded the Liga Socialista Puertorriqueño (LSP). He is considered one of the foremost poets in Latin America and has written hundreds of books and articles supporting Puerto Rican independence.

For more about his life, here is an article from Breakthrough the political journal of Prairie Fire Organizing Committee.

Image: Don Juan Antonio Corretjer and child.

Words: Don Juan Antonio Corretjer 1908–1985 with Poem “Ahora Me Despido” by Don Juan Antonio Corretjer.

Color: gray, yellow, on buff paper

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