US Out of the Middle EastPrimary Artist: Henry Bortman

Created: San Francisco Collective, 1990

Medium: Offset printed

Dimensions: 18″ x 24″

As the US began beating the war drums after Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, hundreds of thousands of US citizens went into the streets in an unsuccessful attempt to stave off this assault by the US military. This poster was a contribution to that effort, and was broadly distributed at actions in the SF Bay Area, and some other parts of the country. It was a reminder to activists of the many times the US has bombed, invaded, or overthrown other countries.

Our in-depth analysis appears of the Gulf War, “Fathoming” on page 14 of this issue of Breakthrough.

Image: Posterized (blue, yellow red) image of three soldiers with M-16s, goggles and gas masks on a black background. A series of US wars on the bottom left, with “US Out of the Middle East” in boldface, dropped out of black.

Words: Below the soldiers on the left side, “From the people who brought you the war in Vietnam, the Contras in Nicaragua …” followed by other US wars and assaults, ending with “US Out of the Middle East” in bold.

Color: Black background, neon blue, red and yellow on white paper

Sponsor: Prairie Fire Organizing Committee.

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