No War No WayPrimary Artist: San Francisco Fireworks

Created: San Francisco, 1990

Medium: Silkscreen, Bumper Sticker

Dimensions: 4″ x 11.75″


As the US began beating the war drums after Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, tens of thousands of US citizens went into the streets in an unsuccessful attempt to stave off the assault by the US military. Paired with the Us Out of the Middle East poster #61, this bumper sticker was a Fireworks contribution to the anti-war mobilizations leading up to the first Gulf War in 1990. 

For more information see page 15 of Breakthrough, 1987

Image: Bumper Sticker-Black with dropped out words. Image on the left side is of a military tank, crossed out with a red circle and peace sign. 

Words: “No War No Way”. 

Color: black and red ink on white

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