Whats to CelebratePrimary Artist: San Francisco Fireworks

Created: San Francisco Collective, 1986.  For 4th of July.  

Medium: Silkscreen


Image: One primary image, covering the bottom and left side: The statue of liberty with a policeman’s head replacing the statue’s head, and the upraised right arm holds a club, rather than a torch. The left hand cradles a copy of Newsweek, with the cover story “Ten Ways to fight Terrorism.”

Words: Upper left corner: “WHAT’S TO CELEBRATE” dropped out of blue background. Below that is “$100 million for contra terror, Klan rallies in Chicago, June 28,1986, Puerto Rico still a US colony.” Type gets smaller and smaller, citing US crimes. At bottom, “Imperialism Has To Go!”

Color: blue ink on very thin yellow paper for wheat pasting.


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