Anti-Klan Teach in poster

Primary Artist: Terry Forman

Created: San Francisco Collective, 1983

Medium: Offset printed

Dimensions: 16″ x 10″

One of the John Brown Anti-Klan Committee chants was “The Cops and the Klan work hand in hand.” It is as true today as it was then as white supremacist organizations have continued to flourish. In Richmond CA, just north of Oakland in the East Bay, the Cowboys were an overtly white supremacist group within the police, vigorously supported by the chief of police and elected officials. In 1983, after more than 40 brutality cases and five killings the year before, the NAACP and families of two of the men who had been killed sued the city of Richmond. This poster was part of the John Brown Anti-Klan Committee’s continuing struggle against police brutality and the intersection between the police and white supremacy.

YES Magazine, Anti-Fascism Versus the Police, 1980s-Style

Image: On right, full length photo of a KKK member with hood and really big revolver, with a cross burning in the background. Arrowhead shape on left juts into the Klansman with teach-in and demonstration information.

Words: Top: “Build A Movement Against the KKK and All White Supremacy” Middle-“Death to the Klan” Event: Teach-in: Saturday May 21, 1983, Dolores St Baptist Church, San Francisco. CA Demonstration: Sunday May 22, Richmond Police Chief Garfield’s House, El Sobrante, CA Sponsors: John Brown Anti-Klan Committee

Color: black and red ink on white paper

Event: Teach-In Sat May 21, 1983 San Francisco, CA and Demonstration Sun May 22 at the Richmond Police Chief Garfield’s House, El Sobrate, CA

Sponsor: John Brown Anti-Klan Committee

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