Cross-Burning is Racist TerrorPrimary Artist: Michael Novick

Created: Los Angeles, 1984

Medium: Silkscreen

Dimensions: 19.5″ x 23″

In the 1980s, there were various periods of upsurge among white supremacist organizations across the US.  In 1984, the Aryan Nations, the KKK, National Socialist American White Workers Party, and the White Aryan Resistance joined forces to carry out cross burnings in California and specifically in Lake View Terrace, a suburb of Los Angeles.  In December 1984, several Aryan and KKK organizations sought a permit from the L.A. fire department for a cross burning.  Even after a public outcry against the cross burning, it was held without the permit while the L.A. police watched.  Fifteen were men charged with felony conspiracy to violate the Los Angeles city fire code.  Most of the felony charges were dropped under political pressure.  Instead, the men were charged the starting a fire without a permit.

See the article in No KKK! No Fascist USA! on page four,  KKK Cross Burners on Trial  for more information about the cross burning and white supremacist organizing in southern California in the 1980’s.

Image: Drawing of a cross burning  with a diagonal red slogan diagonally across the image.

Words: A Cross Burning is Racist Terror! Stop the Klan! Support the Black Nation’s Right to Self Defense!

Color: black and red ink on buff paper

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