Womens Quilt ProjectPrimary Artists: Shelley Kushner, Barbara Barnett


Created: San Francisco Collective, 1979


Medium: Offset Printed Poster of a Cloth Quilt


Dimensions: 8″ x 10″



The Women’s Quilt Project was an organizing project done by the women in a newly constituted Fireworks. While quilting is a craft traditionally done my women as part of their roles as homemakers, during this period, quilting was being transformed as an art form by the women of Gee’s Bend, the aids quilt, and artists like Faith Ringgold. Eight women came together to bring attention to the political movements and issues that were close to their hearts through this quilt. See Image below for more information about the individual quilt squares.

Image: Photograph of a quilt with 23 squares with images:

From top left: People and guitars at rally—Nicaragua, Image of Sandino’s in front of a mountain shape—Nicaragua; Image of an airplane dropping bombs with the words “Stop the Bombing”-El Salvador, Woman gathering corn-Central America; Image of marching fighters with moon in the background and the words “Viva Quezapa, El Salvador Vincera”-El Slavador, Soldier confronting demonstrators-Central America, Women freedom fighter with a fund-Central America, Image of a freedom fighter with abstract shapes in the background-El Salvador, freedom fighter cleaning their gun-Central America, Image of native American behind a gun-Native American, Two husks of corn-Central America, three women, one carrying a baby, one carrying water and a hoe, and one carrying a medical bag-Central America, Government soldier standing over the body of a demonstrator-Central America, Medical symbol topped by a dove with the words “La Revolucion es Salud Fetsalud”-Central America, Women demonstrating against the government killing and jailing political activists with the word “disappeared”-Central America, El Salvadorian fighter in a mask-El Salvador, Woman and child-Central America, People on a bus with the words “Viva F.S.L.N.”-El Salvador, four women’s symbols with a peace symbol in the center, Woman and child-Central America, Demonstration with a policeman on a horse in the background and the words “Resist the War Machine, Ocean with a helicopter in foreground and the words “Turning the tide of Imperialism”-Central America, Paint brush in front of a cavass with the words “Women Artist in Solidarity with Central America” where the women’s symbol replaces the word “women.”

Color: Color photograph



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