Women Turn Up the HeatPrimary Artist: Terry Forman

Created: San Francisco Collective, 1996

Medium: Offset printed

Dimensions: 11″ x 17″

Although International Women’s Day, now celebrated on March 8th has become a worldwide corporate phenomenon, it was originally a day celebrated by radical women to demand freedom and equality – not only for ourselves but for everyone. The date honors the scores of women who were killed in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory of 1911 in NYC. During the 1980s and 90s, Women Against Imperialism (WAI) would stage an annual protest on this day incorporating different themes to match current events.

In 1996, Women Against Imperialism linked International Women’s Day to the internationalism of the Beijing Women’s Conference of 1995 as well as to the cutbacks to social services taking place in the US as part of its own structural adjustment plans, as well as the attacks on lesbian families and the Defense of Marriage Act which outlawed gay marriages. By marching at night, WAI also linked the protest to all gender violence and Take Back the Night.

Image: Red and blue flames from the bottom on a yellow background with orange block in center.

Words: WOMEN TURN UP THE HEAT. Women’s Rally and Torchlight March. Speakers: Genny Lim, Alix Dobkin, Ritual.

Color: yellow, red, blue, orange ink on white paper

Event: Rally and torchlight march in San Francisco.

Sponsors: Women Against Imperialism

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