What Can Artists DoPrimary Artist: Nancy Werner

Created: Los Angeles Collective, 1985

Medium: Printed Flyer

Dimensions: 8″ x 11″


Fireworks was part of a robust movement of activist artists in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Although the artist collectives in San Francisco and Los Angeles were small, we worked with other artists to promote their work and contribute to a larger arts based activist movement happening across the US. Almost all of Fireworks posters were made to be posted on bus stops, telephone poles, and other public surfaces as part of our mission to bring awareness of the inequalities and social justice issues of the times. The slogan NO PASARAN came out of the Spanish civil war, was adopted as the revolutionary cry of the FSLN and solidarity movements around the world to signal their opposition to the Contra Wars in Central America.


Image: Picture of a ‘human banner” in a demonstration against the US funding of the wars in Central America in Los Angeles, CA.

Words: What Can Artists Do? – to resist a culture of war and oppression – to change the face of Los Angeles – to create images that touch and mobilize people. Aren’t you sick of tired of seeing Rambo on every street corner? Wouldn’t you rather see people from the new Nicaragua, or the South African freedom struggle? On July 28, FIREWORKS is having a brunch downtown to plan an art project. Come and discuss what we can do together to project images of liberation in our neighborhoods and communities. L.A. will never look the same!

Color: red, yellow, black, and blue ink on buff paper

Event: Sunday, July 28 11:00am, D. A. Ward’s Studio, 220 S Rose, Los Angeles, CA.

Sponsors: Fireworks Graphic Collective


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