Paremonos Juntos, Stand TogetherPrimary Artist: Los Angeles Collective

Created: Los Angeles, 1986

Medium: Silkscreen

Dimensions: 15″ x 20″

Two propositions, #63 and #64, were  on the California ballot in 1986. Prop 63 would have made English the official language in California and put in place sanctions for using any other language in public affairs. Prop 64, the AIDS Act, would have required public health officials to report “carriers of the AIDS virus” to state and federal health officers—known as the AIDS quarantine act. Both were pushed by right-wing forces targeting immigrants and gay people.

Prop 64, Mandatory reporting of AIDS, was defeated 71% to 29%.

Prop 63, English Only, passed 73% to 27%, and was later knocked down by the US Supreme Court.

Image: Filling the center is a drawing of three people in red and black, pushing forward a large circle with a crosspiece, trying to block two angry males giving a Nazi salute.

Words: At top in red block letters, “Paremonos Juntos. Stand Together,” and the same words in Chinese. “Defend Our Communities! Stop 63 and 64.” Across the bottom is “DEFEAT THE AIDS QUARANTINE AND ENGLISH ONLY INITIATIVES! Stand Together Coalition Against the AIDS Quarantine and English Only Initiatives.

Color: black and red ink on buff paper


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