Art of Protest, Fireworks front and backPrimary Artist: Terry Forman

Created: San Francisco Collective, 1981

Medium: Recruitment Flyer—paper

Dimensions: 4.75″ x 5.5″

Fireworks Logo (front and back). A quarter sheet handout we used to recruit for projects with FWGC. Fireworks was part of a robust movement of activist artists in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Although  the artist collectives in San Francisco and Los Angeles were small we worked with other artists to promote their work and contribute to a larger arts based activist movement happening across the US. All of Fireworks’ silkscreen posters were made to be posted on bus stops telephone poles and other public surfaces as part of our mission to bring awareness of the inequalities and social justice issues of the times.

Image: Left eye and forehead looking across a five pointed star on one side, text on other side inviting people to work with us on graphics.

Words: Art of Protest: Fireworks. On other side  text shown above.

Color: black and white. Some versions had a red star

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