Representative el Espirito de LaresPrimary Artist: Terry Forman

Created: San Francisco Collective, 1983, under the name Graficas Guazabara

Medium: Offset Printed

Dimensions: 17″ x 22.5″

The Grito de Lares in 1886, also referred to as the Lares rebellion, was the first major revolt against Spanish rule in Puerto Rico. The Grito de Lares was led by Ramon Emeterio Betances and Segundo Ruiz Belvis. The Lares flag was designed by Betances and made by Mariana Bracetti. Bracetti known as Brazo de Oro (Golden Arm) was the leader of the “Lares” Revolutionary Council. Lola Rodriguez de Tió, a poet and member of the Council, wrote patriotic lyrics to the existing tune of “La Borinqueña.” Lola believed in women’s rights and was committed to the abolition of slavery and the independence of Puerto Rico. Today Lola Rodriguez de Tio’s “La Borinqueña” is considered the national anthem of Puerto Rico.

Image: From left to right, Lola Rodriguez de Tió, Ramón Emeterio Betances, Mariana Bracetti. Flags of Puerto Rico with the Lares flag second from left.

Words: Recapturemos el Espirito de Lares, Conmemoremos El 115 Aniversario de la Proclamación de la Nación Puertorriqueña—El Grito de Lares.

Colors: blue, red, black on white paper.

Event: September 24, San Francisco, CA , SF Women’s Building.

Sponsors: Movimiento de Liberación Nacional (M.L.N). Comité Nacional Pro-Libertad Prisioneros de Guerra Puertorriqueños, Comite Lareno, El Nuevo Movimiento en Solidaridad con las Revoluciones Puertorriqueña y Mexicana

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