Fighting for Puerto Rican Independence is not a CrimePrimary Artist: San Francisco Collective

 Created: 1984

Medium: Offset printed

Dimensions: 19.75″ x 22.75″

Jose Luis Rodriguez was arrested in 1983 along with Alejandrina Torres, Alberto Rodriguez and Edwin Cortes and convicted of seditious conspiracy. For Puerto Ricans who oppose US colonialism, seditious conspiracy is an impossible crime because the US government’s authority over Puerto Rico is illegitimate. The true crime is colonialism. Puerto Rico has been occupied by a foreign army and forced into poverty to provide profits for US corporations. At the time of their arrests Alejandrina, Alberto and Edwin declared themselves Prisoners of War—captured combatants in their nation’s war against US colonialism. Alejandrina, Alberto and Edwin received 35-year sentences. Jose Luis, a community activist, asserted that he was a political prisoner and declared himself to be in full support of the clandestine struggle. Luis was given a suspended sentence with five years probation. Jose Luis emerged as a leading spokesperson for the independence movement. In 1985 he spoke at the United Nations asserting Puerto Rico’s right to fight against US colonialism by any means necessary.

Here’s the leaflet for the event. Scroll to the second page to see Jose Luis Rodriguez’s biography.

Image: Puerto Rican Flag on left with drawing of prison window bars on top right.

Words: Fighting for Puerto Rican Independence is Not a Crime! Seditious Conspiracy, “The Impossible Crime”! Free all Puerto Rican Political Prisoners & P.O.W.’s! ¡Viva Puerto Rico Libre y Socialista!

Speaker: Jose Luis Rodriguez—Puerto Rican Political Prisoner, Arrested June 29, 1983 with three Puerto Rican P.O.W.’s and charged with seditious conspiracy.

Color: red, blue, black ink on white paper

Event: Saturday, November 17, San Francisco, CA

Sponsors: Comité Nacional Pro-Libertad de Prisioneros de Guerra Puertorriqueños & New Movement in Solidarity with Puerto Rican Independence and Socialism.

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