AIDS is not a punishmentCreated: San Francisco Collective, 1990

Medium: Copy machine printed

Dimensions: 11 x 17”

This poster, one of four made for the 1990 International AIDS Conference in San Francisco which focus on AIDS in the Gay community. The space here is too short to provide a meaningful insight into the impact of AIDS on the LBGTQ communities across the U.S. So we are offering a link to an article by one of the best articles written about the history of AIDS in the San Francisco Bay Area by Tryfan Morys Eibhlyn Llwyd (formerly Arawn Eibhlyn), see Breakthrough, Issue Winter in 1989 page 10, “Fighting AIDS is More Than Just a Fashion Statement.” Breakthrough was the journal of Prairie Fire Organization Committee.

Image: Photograph by Rick Gerharter of two LGBTQ+ people kissing with a mounted policeman in the background.

Words: “AIDS is not a punishment. Our love is not a crime.” “Fight Back Fight AIDS”

Color: black ink on white paper

Sponsor:  Prairie Fire Organizing Committee


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