Artist Call Behind the Lines Street Art CampaignPrimary Artist: Terry Primary Artist:  Terry Forman

Created: San Francisco Collective, 1985

Medium: Offset printed

Dimensions: 8.5″ x 14″

Fireworks was part of a robust movement of activist artists in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Although our artist collectives in San Francisco and Los Angeles were small, we worked with other artists to promote their work and contribute to a larger arts-based activist movement happening across the US. All of Fireworks silkscreen posters were made to be posted on bus stops, telephone poles and other public surfaces as part of our mission to bring awareness of the inequalities and social justice issues of the times.

Image: Left side drawing of a plane with USA written on it dropping bombs over mountains with an image of explosions as the bombs hit the ground. On the right top is an image of demonstrators holding signs in solidarity with Central American liberation movements.

Words: On left: Phosphorus bombs are being dropped daily on the people of El Salvador.  “The Victory of the people of Nicaragua is under attack. Your work can make a difference. Posters Stencils Sculpture Art is a form of struggle! Victory to the people of Central America! Come to a workday for Artists to make a human banner with images that fight this war machine. The banner will march in a demonstration on Monday September 23 called by the Emergency Response Network to Protest the U.S. Escalation of the War in El Salvador. Right side “Artists join ‘Behind the Lines’ street art campaign. Oppose the war in Central America On every street! On every wall.” Color: black ink on white paper.

Event: Monday September 23,  San Francisco.

Sponsor: Fireworks Graphic Committee

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