Free Azania! Defeat White Settler ColonialismPrimary Artist: Terry Forman

Created: San Francisco Collective, 1982

Medium: Offset Printed

Dimensions: 11″ x 17″

Azania is the name that the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) called South Africa. The PAC was founded by a pan African group led by Robert Sobukwe in 1959. The PAC with the ANC were the internationally recognized liberations movement in South Africa. The PAC objected to the ANC’s statement “the land belongs to all who live in it both white and black” instead advocating a South Africa based on African nationalism. The PAC is now a political party in South Africa.

Image: Graphic of a Woman Freedom Fighter with baby and gun partly overprinted by photographs of anti-apartheid demonstrators being attacked by police dogs.

Words: Free Azania!, Defeat South African white settler colonialism!, “South Africa is still a colony, and it ought to be returned to its rightful owners! In the words of our old warrior Bambata, ’The African people in Azania lost their land on the battlefield, and they can only recover it on that battlefield.’ Even though the enemy is strong militarily, even though he is backed up by strong powers like the United States of America, we have on our side the African masses. We are prepared for a protracted struggle if that is necessary. But of one thing we are certain; we shall recover our land!” Nyatl Pokela, Chairman, Pan Africanist Congress of Azania. At bottom: Proceeds from the sale of this poster go to the FREE AZANIA Campaign which works under the leadership of the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania to provide political and material support for the freedom fighters in Azania (South Africa). For more information write to FREE AZANIA c/o Freedom Rising: Africa Solidarity Committee, 3543 18th St., San Francisco, CA 94110.

Color: black, purple on buff paper

Sponsor: Freedom Rising Africa Solidarity Committee

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